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Charge on the Go!

“Volta is revolutionizing the electric vehicle landscape. With our on-demand mobile charging solutions, our purpose is to ease range anxiety. Through advanced technologies, product development and a relentless focus on customer needs, we are bringing EV charging to your door step.”

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Fleet Operators

A service fit for operators of ride-hailing and taxi fleet business, optimise your fleet’s revenue capability. Subscribe to ELVIS to keep up your Electric fleet’s uptime on the roads

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Automotive Dealerships

Enhance your EV offerings. Partner with ELVIS to add that last mile juice to your fleet. Let your customers relax with ELVIS, as we deliver that booster to their battery.

Residential Communities

No spare power? Don’t bother with that power upgrade. Offer unparalleled convenience to your residents at their doorstep. With ELVIS, charging comes home.

Government Agencies

Keep your government fleet charged and ready. With ELVIS, service continuity is assured.

Breakdown Services

Emergencies transformed into brief halts. Enhance your service repertoire with ELVIS.

Office Buildings

Modern amenities for the modern professional. ELVIS adds a seamless charging solution to your premises.

Insurance Companies

Distinguish your policies with innovative add-ons. Provide assurance for the road ahead with ELVIS.

Last-mile Delivery

Maximize your delivery windows. Partner with ELVIS to keep your fleet on the move.

ELVIS Charge Anywhere ⸻
Charge on the Go!
ELVIS Charge Anywhere ⸻


of global EV sales by 2030


tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution


million public charging points worldwide


decreased in price of lithium-ion batteries, a crucial component of EVs

The global charging infrastructure for EVs has also been growing rapidly. At the end of 2022, there were 2.7 million public charging points worldwide, a figure expected to rise substantially in the coming years.

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